2 Easy Ways To Raise Your Box Blind

We've been in the deer blind business for quite some time now, and trust me when I say, we've seen some pretty sketchy ways that people attempt to install and raise their deer blinds. It's kind of like going to the boat launch on a Saturday morning with a lawn chair and a couple cold ones. Unlimited entertainment...  Anyway, we decided it was probably a good idea to put together a comprehensive guide to the SAFE way install and raise you deer blind this fall. Hope this help a few of y'all!  - Brian 

Preparing for the hunting season involves more than just knowing why you hunt—it's about mastering the where and how. Among the essential factors that determine your hunting success is the proper setup of your box blind. Whether you choose to assemble it in the air or preassemble it on the ground, getting it right is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore both options to help you raise your box blind for an enjoyable and fruitful hunting experience.

Selecting the Right Box Blind

Before diving into the setup process, it's important to choose the right box blind for your specific hunting needs. Depending on whether you're aiming for your first whitetail or planning a bow hunting adventure, your requirements may vary. Here are some recommendations:

  • For Rifle Season: Consider elevated hunting blinds that offer ample room for you, your chair, gear, and rifle. Texas Hunter Products  & Sportsman's Condo both provide great options for this purpose. The SC2 from Sportsman's Condo is one of our best selling blinds for Rifle hunting. 
  • For Bow Hunting: Look for blinds that provide plenty of space and allow for easy movement. Window configuration is also crucial when choosing a bow blind. Make sure to choose a blind with large vertical windows for the most shot options. Explore elevated hunting blinds from Orion Hunting as well as Booner and Maverick Blinds .

Finding the Ideal Spot

Location is key to a successful hunt. Follow these steps to select the right spot for your box blind:

  1. Consider Wind Direction: Determine the prevailing wind direction in your hunting area. Position your blind so that it is downwind of where you expect your prey to approach.
  2. Stay Out of Sight: Ensure your blind is not in the direct line of sight of the animals. Placing it so that wildlife must cross in front of it, rather than facing it directly, will enhance your concealment.
  3. Follow the Manual: When setting up the box blind, carefully follow the instruction manual. Unpack and organize all the components beforehand. Pre-sort bolts, nuts, and washers for efficiency.
  4. Plan the Direction: Think about how you'll shoot from the blind, the desired direction it should face, where to place the ladder, and how to access it. It's easier to build it in the right direction from the start. This is the time to plan out your ideal shot placement and position the blind so that you are set up for success. This is especially important with bow blinds!

Option #1: Assembling in the Air - Tractor Required

The first method for setting up your box blind involves assembling the two components separately. Follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Level Area: Start by selecting a level area for your blind. This is essential for stability and safety.
  2. Erect the Tower Kit: Two people should lift the tower kit into place. Once upright, level the base and stake it down to create a sturdy foundation for your blind.
  3. Level the Base: Ensure the base is level by placing a level on all the horizontal beams. Adjust the ground surface beneath the legs if necessary.
  4. Secure the Base: Pound rebar stakes into the foot pegs of all four corners and the ladder. Use ropes to find the center of the base and twist an auger stake into the ground at that point. Attach a bolt and clevis to the auger stake loop, securing the wire to the loop-end of the turnbuckle. Tighten the turnbuckle until the wires are taut, ensuring a solid structure.
  5. Lift the Blind: Use a tractor to lift your box blind and carefully place it on top of the base. Ensure everyone is clear from the area and that no one is underneath the blind. Make sure the door is located on the ladder side.
  6. Secure Connections: Once the blind is resting on the base, attach them securely to each other. Recheck all connections, and retighten the cable attached to the auger stake if necessary.

Option #2: Preassemble and Team Lift - No Tractor Required 

The second method involves attaching the blind to the tower kit on the ground and then team-lifting the entire structure into position. Follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Level Area: Select a level area in the desired location.
  2. Lay the Tower Kit and Blind: Lay the tower kit and blind on their sides and position the base of the tower where you want to lift it.
  3. Attach the Blind: Attach the blind to the base using the appropriate tools.
  4. Drive Rebar Stakes: About 10 to 15 feet away from the base (towards the blind), drive two rebar stakes into the ground. Attach support straps from these stakes to the foot pegs touching the ground. This anchors the base and ensures stability during the lifting process.
  5. Team Lift: With your team and safe lifting practices (lifting with your legs, not your back), slowly raise the full blind and tower kit into position.  Pro Tip: If you have a 4 wheeler, side by side, or something else similar you can attach the blind and slowly raise the blind using the quad, tractor, or SxS. 
  6. Secure the Base: Once the blind is in place, follow the same leveling and staking steps as outlined in option #1 to ensure stability and safety.

Time to Go Hunting?

After you set up your box blind, the excitement to start hunting might be overwhelming, but remember to prioritize safety. Always check the connections and ensure the tower is stable and safe to use before climbing into it. Factors like ground settling and shifting winds can affect the blind over time, potentially loosening cables or foot peg stakes. Always keep safety in mind when using any elevated hunting platform.

Now, armed with the knowledge of how to raise your box blind effectively, you're ready to make the most of the hunting season ahead. Happy hunting!

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