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Transform your pond into a thriving ecosystem that's perfect for growing fish and creating unforgettable memories for those younger anglers. Our diverse selection of fish feeders from Texas Hunter Products and Sweeney Feeders not only enhances the health and growth of your fish population but also ensures plenty of opportunities for kids to enjoy the excitement of catching their own fish.

From automatic feeders to programmable models, we offer top of the line feeders designed to meet the unique needs of your pond environment while providing endless entertainment for children and adults alike. With features such as adjustable feeding schedules and weatherproof designs, maintaining optimal feeding habits for your fish has never been simpler.
Fish Feeders

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Fish FeederTips For Buying Your Next Fish Feeder

Fish feeders are awesome! Investing in the right fish feeder can enhance the health and growth of your aquatic inhabitants while making the fishing much more productive and fun. Here are some essential tips to help you make an informed decision:

Size Matters:

All jokes aside, size is one of the most important factors in deciding what feeder to get. Opt for a feeder with a capacity that matches your pond's volume and the frequency of feeding required. Overcrowding or underfeeding can lead to imbalances in your pond's ecosystem, so choose wisely.
Strategy is important here as well. If you have a large pond and you visit it frequently, it may be more beneficial to buy 2 smaller feeders and place them at different locations rather than buying one big feeder. Fish will quickly learn your feeding schedule and begin to congregate around the feeder when it is time to feed so make sure to add a feeder to your favorite fishing spots!

Solar Panel:

Just buy it! The solar panels make these feeders nearly self-sufficient. We were recently speaking with a customer that had his Texas Hunter fish feeder running for 12 years straight with no issues using the solar charger. It’s the best decision you will make regarding the feeder!

Brand Reliability:

When it comes to fish feeders, reputable brands like Sweeney and Texas Hunter are known for their quality and durability. Researching and comparing features, customer reviews, and warranties offered by these brands can help you make a confident decision based on your specific needs and budget. Both Sweeney and Texas Hunter have been around for many decades, and both have wonderful customer service. You can’t go wrong with either!

Dock Legs vs. Bank Legs:

This is an easy one, but a very important feature. If you plan on using the feeder on a dock, make sure to order the dock legs. You will save yourself from a ridiculous number of busted toes! The bank legs stick out from the feeder at an angle to add stability. This can cause issues (aka busted toes) when installed in a high traffic area.

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