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Texas Hunter Fish Feeder - 70 lb. Fish Feed/125 lb. Corn Capacity – Adjustable Legs

Texas Hunter Fish Feeder - 70 lb. Fish Feed/125 lb. Corn Capacity – Adjustable Legs

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Texas Hunter Fish Feeder - 70 lb. Fish Feed/125 lb. Corn Capacity – Adjustable Legs

Texas Hunter 70 lb. Lake & Pond Directional Fish Feeder with Straight Legs - DF125DL


One of my favorite memories as a kid was going to my Uncle's house and fishing off of his dock for seemingly endless hours. Sun-up to sun-down, I sat on that dock and fished for anything that would bite.


The fishing was great but the memories made were priceless!


When Texas Hunter designed their line of fish feeders, they had this exact feeling in mind.  Sure, your fish will explode in size, and rather quickly, but the memories that will be made because of the great fishing will be even more valuable.


Texas hunter Products is well known for manufacturing top quality products. This line of fish feeders for lakes and ponds is no different. In fact, they work so well, they may be the very last fish feeder you ever buy! There are many fish feeders for lakes and ponds on the market available for purchase but none of them are constructed with the same durable 20 gauge steel and dual 12 volt motor design. The DF125 series feeder is absolutely bulletproof and will last a lifetime. If you are looking for a trustworthy feeder to help you grow bigger fish, you can stop shopping now. You've found it! 


The dual motor design works flawlessly to spread the feed over a wide direction, approximately 45ft by 20ft.  The bottom motor spins extremely efficiency to ensure there is no loss of feed to attract varmints or other hungry critters. The unit itself is 100% critter proof. This unit is equipped with two motors. This allows the first lower motor to reach full speed before any feed is released. The second upper motor then cuts on releasing feed for the desired amount of time. The top motor then turns off and a few seconds later the bottom motor turns off. The result is no feed is wasted. All feed is propelled out into your lake or pond. No feed drops at the base of the feeder. This design eliminates the need for special shut off gates at the base of the feeder.


Included with the Texas Hunter fish feeder is our DFT12 Timer. This top-of-the-line timer acts as the brains of the operation. Although the timer is very simple to operate, it is a very advanced piece of hardware. The DFT12 timer comes with a built in diagnostics program than can be ran by simply pressing a single button. By doing this the timer will be able to tell you if the solar charger, batteries and timer internals are working properly. 


The timer also has a trouble shooting feature that verifies proper motor operation. The Texas Hunter Premium Timer was specifically designed for directional feeders utilizing two motors. This timer provides a dual stage operation required to accurately schedule the proper sequencing and run time of each motor. These Texas Hunter Premium Directional Timers are included with all Texas Hunter Directional Fish Feeders for lakes and ponds.

Texas Hunter Fish Feeder
Sarah Parvin, (above) manages a 5 acres lake in Huntsville Alabama where she is determined to grow and catch a new world record bluegill. Currently, she runs 6 of the Texas Hunter Pro Series fish feeders on her docks to keep her fish fed.  Check out more picks of her incredible catches and follow her on instagram @sarah_the_closer_parvin

This directional fish feeder is available with two different type leg sets:

  • Order the DF125AL with angled/bank legs if the feeder will be sitting on the bank of a lake or pond.
  • Order this feeder the DF125DL with straight/dock legs if you intend to place the feeder on a dock

Key Features:

  • 70 lb. capacity for fish feed
  • 125 lb. capacity for corn
  • Assembled size: 20 in W x 22 in L x 40 in.
  • Weighs 84 lbs. when empty
  • Heavy 20 gauge galvanized steel construction
  • Powder coated hunter green finish
  • Low profile 11 gauge powder-coated steel leg set
  • Two motor design
  • Powerful 12-volt motors and centrifugal air blower assembly
  • Feed is delivered in a wedge-shaped pattern: 45 feet in length by 20 feet in width
  • Controlled by DFT12 premium digital timer
  • Quick-Release access panel with clear-view funnel
  • Less than 5 feet high for easy filling
  • Powered by a 12-volt rechargeable battery
  • Lockable lid
  • Lockable timer and battery door
  • Two Sight gauges for easy feed level reference from either side of the feeder
  • Nutserts allow you to install legs from the outside of the feeder
  • Adjustable height straight/dock legs
  • Footpads included allowing you to easily bolt this unit to a pier or dock
  • Solar charger can be easily installed on any side of the feeder (not included)
  • Order the SP2W 2 watt solar charger at the bottom of this page.
  • The SP2W is highly recommended so you will not have to pull and recharge the battery.


    What's Included

    • 70 lb. directional feeder
    • DFT12 Timer
    • BT12 12-Volt rechargeable battery
    • Angled/bank leg sets
    • Footpads
    • Stakes
    • Not included, but recommended: SP2W solar panel


    Best Price - Guaranteed on the DF125AL: Texas Hunter 70 lb. Lake & Pond Directional Fish Feeder with Adjustable Legs: No codes needed.
    NO heavy/bulky add on fees.


    • Install the timer
    • Install the battery
    • Attach the legs
    • Feeder: 1 Year Warranty

    • DFT12 Timer: 5 Year Limited Warranty