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Ani-logics JAC (Just Add Corn) SPIN Deer Feed 1000lb (50lb bags)

Ani-logics JAC (Just Add Corn) SPIN Deer Feed 1000lb (50lb bags)

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Ani logics

"Just Add Corn" or JAC is the perfect supplement base for hunters who already have a supply of corn but are looking to improve the size and nutrition of their deer herd.  


Think of it like this...Would you rather have a plain chicken breast with no seasoning, or a delicious BBQ grilled chicken breast with garlic mashed potatoes and buttered asparagus? It works exactly like that for deer, but better! In addition to improving the taste, JAC packs a massive punch with its nutrient and mineral stack. 


Similar to most other Ani-Logics Products, JAC is formulated with ANI-shield TX4 Technology designed to improve antler growth and heighten the immunity of your heard. This means you will see more deer, bigger deer, and heathier deer! 


All you have to do is mix one 50lb bag of JAC high-protein deer pellets for every 100lbs of corn. This pallet includes 1,000lbs of JAC suitable to enhance up to 2,000lbs of corn.


Fair Warning: You may be surprised how much faster the deer consume your feed after adding JAC. You will see an increase in deer at your feed stations and you will see an increase in the average time spent at those feed stations.


Check out some of the videos below for proof on the increase in performance after using JAC deer feed pellets. You will not be disappointed!


The SPIN formula is a pelleted version of the tradition JAC. It is designed for feeders with an automatic spinner. 


  • ANI-shield TX4 Technology - Increased antler growth and herd immunity
  • 1,000lbs - Delivered on a pallet in 50lb bags for easy transport
  • Increased attraction and taste to grow your deer herd and keep them there
  • Grow bigger, healthier deer!