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Ani-logics JAC (Just Add Corn) SPIN Deer Feed 2000lb (50lb bags)

Ani-logics JAC (Just Add Corn) SPIN Deer Feed 2000lb (50lb bags)

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Ani Logics

If you already have a supply of corn, JAC is the product you are looking for. JAC or 'Just Add Corn' is a suppliment base mix designed to attract more deer and increase the nutrition of your deer herd. Better nutrition equal bigger deer and bigger bucks! Similar to most other high quality Ani-Logics products JAC is formulates with ANI-Shield TX4 Technology. This TX4 technology focuses on the health and immunity of your deer while suppling the very specific ingredients know to increase increase antler growth. Long story short, bigger healthier bucks! 

This pallet of bulk deer protein pellets for sale includes 40 50lb bags for a total weight of 2000lbs. When mixing deer protein/mineral pellets with your corn, simply mix one 50lb bag for every 100lbs of corn. You will see an immediate increase in the amount of deer visit your feed stations! Don't beleive us? Check the video below. Deer love this stuff! 

Jac Half Palletcroped