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Capsule Game Feeder 250 lb. Capacity Tire Feeder

Capsule Game Feeder 250 lb. Capacity Tire Feeder

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Capsule lifetime feeders

250lb Deluxe Capsule Deer Feeder 

"The worlds safest and easiest to operate spin feeder!"

Capsule feeders has engineered one of the easiest deer feeders to use on the market.  So easy that you can actually sit on the tailgate of your truck and drink a beer...or soda, WHILE filing the feeder! Don't believe us? Check out the photos above for evidence. Capsule feeders are brilliantly designed, well manufactured, and built to last for decades! 

If durability is a top concern of yours, you will be very pleased with this 250 lb. deer feeder. The body of the CAP-250 is comprised of heavy duty roto-molded HDPE (high density polyethylene). HDPE is one of the toughest plastics known to man and is used widely in the military & marine industry due to its incredible strength. 

The CAP-250 runs on a 12 volt battery that is constantly charged by an industrial grade solar panel. The included timer allows for up to 6 custom feeding times per day in lengths of 1 to 30 seconds long. 

"One of the greatest inventions of the 21st century." Steve Dutton on the CAP-250

Varmit free! Unlike most spinning seeder that are gravity driven, the CAP-250 is auger driven and brings the feed up rather than letting the feed fall down. By doing this, varmits can no longer reach in and spin the spinner to get food. If you are in an area with a large raccoon population, you know exactly what I'm talking about! 

This 250 lb. deer feeder line includes 6 different size feeders to fit every application. 100LB, 200LB, 250LB, 500LB, 800LB and the granddaddy 1000LB feeder. Check them out HERE and find the one that best fits your needs! 

Outdoor Product Innovations, has designed the Capsule Game Feeders to be easy to fill at ground level. They are extremely durable, dependable and maintenance free. They are quite easily some of the best feeders on the market!

Why buy from us? It's simple. We guarantee you the lowest delivered price and highest level of customer service! 

Key Features:

  • Model # CAP-250
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Original design with a built-in base (No tire needed)
  • 250 lb. capacity
  • Weighs less than 100 lbs. when empty
  • Built in handles for easy moving
  • Designed to completely empty: using a first-in first-out feed cycle
  • Dispenses app. 1/3 pound of corn per second
  • Used to broadcast corn or protein pellets
  • Can mix corn, protein pellets and milo
  • Heavy duty molded in handles to easily move
  • Includes heavy duty 12 volt motor, timer, 12 volt battery, auger, spinner plate, solar charger and varmint guard
  • Anchor with T-posts or rebar from the built in handles
  • Hardware included
  • Hex ratchet wrench included
Not included:
  • Scrap semi tire 22.5 in. inner diameter and with 39-41 in. overall diameter: pick up locally
  • Hog Ring: To prevent hogs from chewing on the lower portion of the feeder
  • Anchor Kit: To prevent hogs and cows from turning over the feeder

What's Included

  • 250 lb. feeder with heavy duty 12 volt motor
  • Timer, 12 volt battery, auger, spinner plate, solar charger and varmint guard
  • Hardware for assembly
  • Hex ratchet wrench
Not included:
  • Scrap tire: pick up locally
  • Hog ring: add above for $75
  • Anchor kit: add above for $90
  • Both for $165


  • Complete assembly required
  • Will need a phillips head screw driver
  • Will need a scrap tire
  • 20 Year Limited Warranty
  • Outdoor Product Innovations warrants the plastic base, cone, powerhead cover and caps of the Capsule Game Feeder to be free from manufacturing defects.
  • Outdoor Product Innovations warrants that the plastic components warranted above will not crack or otherwise fail under normal operating conditions.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • All other components are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects.
  • Outdoor Product Innovations will replace defective components.
  • Customer pays freight on defective components.