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Hawk "The Office" Box Blind with 10' Elite Tower

Hawk "The Office" Box Blind with 10' Elite Tower

Item Code: HAWHWK-BBB5000-10C

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Get ready to elevate your hunting experience with the Hawk® Office Box Blind, designed specifically for the serious hunter who demands both durability and comfort. Mounted on the robust 10' Elite Tower, this blind provides an unparalleled vantage point for scouting game, featuring a blend of premium components and high-performance features to enhance your time in the field.


Key Features:


Durable Construction: Crafted from heavy-duty steel, the Office Box Blind is built to last through countless seasons. The blind's sturdy frame and insulated steel panels, boasting an R value of 7, provide both structural integrity and warmth.


Enhanced Insulation: Complete with insulated walls and a floor (R value of 8), the blind maintains a comfortable interior even during the coldest hunting days. A 1" thick high-density (25-lb) foam pad is integrated into the floor, not only adding comfort but also deadening sound to keep your movements silent.


Optimized Visibility and Stealth: Equipped with residential glass windows around all sides, designed for one-handed operation, the blind offers expansive visibility and is ideal for both gun and bowhunting. The all-black interior enhances concealment by minimizing shadows.


Quiet and Secure Entry: The large door silently opens and closes, ensuring you can enter and exit without alerting wildlife. It also features a lock for added security.


Elite Tower Accessibility: The included 10-foot Elite Tower comes with a ladder and handrails, making access to your elevated hideout safe and easy. Its robust design ensures stability and peace of mind as you hunt from above.


Integrated Comfort Features: The one-piece roto-molded window frames include eaves to protect against the elements, and the entire setup is designed to reduce noise and movement, allowing you to remain as stealthy as possible.


The Hawk® Office Box Blind with its 10-foot tower is more than just a hunting blind; it's a high-performance hunting headquarters, built to optimize your hunting experience with comfort, convenience, and efficiency. Whether you're tracking down trophy game or enjoying a quiet escape into nature, this blind is equipped to meet all your hunting needs.