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Orion Hunting

Orion Hunting - 450lbs Stand And Fill Deer Feeder

Orion Hunting - 450lbs Stand And Fill Deer Feeder

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Elevate your game with the Orion Hunting 450lb Stand and Fill Deer Feeder, the ultimate solution for serious hunters and wildlife enthusiasts. Crafted with resilience and efficiency in mind, this feeder boasts a substantial 450-pound capacity, perfect for long-term feeding without frequent refills.


Robust and Durable Design:
Constructed from 16 gauge steel, this feeder is designed to endure the toughest outdoor conditions. Its low profile, wide stance, and hexagonal base cage make it resistant to tipping and virtually impervious to bears, hogs, and other varmints. Proudly made in Iron Mountain, Michigan, USA, we ensure quality from start to finish using the best materials sourced globally.


Advanced Feeding Technology:
Equipped with a 12-volt adjustable control unit, this feeder features THE-ELIMINATOR scatter plate and THE-TIMER to automate feeding times and amounts. A solar charger mounted on the back of the control box ensures the battery is continuously powered, enhancing reliability and efficiency.


Visibility and Capacity:
The unique sight glass on the hopper allows you to check the feed level without opening the lid, saving time and maintaining feed integrity. Starting at a base capacity of 150 pounds, the modular design allows for hopper extensions, scaling the capacity up to 1050 pounds to meet your specific needs.


Effortless Setup and Use:
Designed for easy transport and assembly in any field location, this feeder does not require heavy machinery for installation. Its modular construction enables quick setup and disassembly, allowing you to move and expand it as your requirements evolve.


Ideal for All Environments:
With a remarkable 60-foot spread diameter and a 6-setting programmable feeder equipped with an eliminator plate, the Orion feeder ensures optimal feed dispersal. Whether in dense forests or open fields, it consistently attracts wildlife while keeping unwanted visitors at bay.


Choose the Orion Hunting 450lb Stand and Fill Deer Feeder for a top-tier feeding experience that combines strength, innovation, and ease of use, ensuring you're always ready for the hunt.


Available in multiple sizes to suit every hunter's needs.