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Orion Hunting

Orion Hunting - 5x5 Premium Archery/Bow Hunting Blind - Vertical Windows

Orion Hunting - 5x5 Premium Archery/Bow Hunting Blind - Vertical Windows

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The Orion 55V has all the same high end features as the original Orion 55, but the 55V is 100% optimized for the modern archery Hunter.  The Orion 55V has 6 massive windows measuring 32" high by 12" wide to give you the best shot opportunity possible. 

With a spacious interior floor space measuring 5ft x 5ft, and an exterior height towering at 82 inches, this blind comfortably accommodates 2 individuals. Crafted with precision, each component of the blind is engineered for durability and convenience.

Weighing approximately 205 lbs., the Orion® 55 ensures stability and sturdiness, capable of enduring snow loads of up to 100 lbs/sq.ft. and wind gusts of up to 80mph.

Equipped with 4 horizontal windows, this blind provides optimal visibility and shooting angles, allowing you to maintain visual contact with your surroundings while remaining discreet.

Setting up your hunting blind has never been easier with Orion's patented quick-latch system, eliminating the need for tools and saving you valuable time. Each of the HuntShield360 panels weighs less than 40 lbs., ensuring easy transport and assembly.

Constructed with lightweight yet robust materials, including layers of aluminum, foam insulation, and sound-deadening blackout carpet, this blind effectively shields you from the elements while minimizing noise and scent dispersion, keeping you concealed and undetected.

Transporting your hunting blind is hassle-free, as it is conveniently packaged to fit in the bed of all standard pick-up trucks, eliminating the need for heavy equipment during setup.

Elevate your hunting game with the Orion® HuntShield360 Modular Hunting Blind – your ultimate partner for stealthy and comfortable hunting adventures. Order now and experience the difference firsthand. Ships in 2-3 weeks.

Experience unparalleled convenience and durability with the Orion 55V Modular Hunting Blind. Designed for effortless assembly and exceptional performance in the harshest environments, this blind is your ultimate hunting companion.



Modular Assembly: Assemble with ease using our patented quick-latch system, requiring no tools for setup.

Lightweight & Durable: Each panel weighs between 15-35 lbs, with the total structure at 250 lbs, making it easy to manage without heavy lifting.

Optimal Insulation: Stay warm and quiet thanks to 2” foam insulation, blackout carpet lining both floor and walls, and R11 insulated panels for enhanced temperature control and noise reduction.

Snow Load Capacity: Built to withstand extreme weather, our panels can handle snow loads up to 100 lbs./ft².

Condensation-Free Roof: Features insulation and venting to prevent dripping and condensation during heating.

Transport Ready: The modular design fits into the bed of any standard size pickup truck, facilitated by a versatile two-way pallet for either standing up or laying down.

Visibility and Security: Includes shatter-resistant acrylic windows, with options for both vertical and horizontal configurations. Tinted windows are available to provide privacy and reduce glare.

Window sizes: 12”H x 32”W and 32”H x 12”W.

Placement: Horizontal window bottom edge at 38", vertical window bottom edge at 32".

Maintenance-Free: All exterior and interior surfaces are made of aluminum, ensuring they are rot and mold resistant. This material choice guarantees a long-lasting, maintenance-free lifespan.

Wind and Weather Resistance: Wind rated for up to 80 MPH and equivalent to an F0 tornado. Includes bulb seals on every seam for a weather-tight seal.

Enhance your hunting experience with the Orion 55V Modular Hunting Blind, where durability meets innovation.


Need a tower for your Orion Blind? We've got you covered! Orion Hunting manufactures some of the best towers in the industry ranging from 1' ground level tower to a massive 15' Stair tower. 

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What is covered: Defects in material and workmanship that affect the functionality of an Orion modular hunting blinds and elevated hunting blind stands. Who is covered: The original registered purchaser of the product from an authorized Orion dealer or direct from Orion Hunting Products. Non transferrable. For How Long: Orion offers a 10 year warranty on exterior aluminum and seals. All other issues are covered under a 5-year functional warranty from date of purchase. What Orion will do: At our sole discretion, Orion will repair or replace parts or products that are deemed to make the product unfunctional for its intended use. (Cost associated with shipping are not included) What must happen to exercise the product warranty: 1) Register the product either online or with provided mail in card within 30 days of purchase. 2) Call Orion headquarters direct @ 906-767-0270 to notify us of an issue. 3) Provide picture documentation and serial number confirmation. What is not covered: This warranty does not cover: 1) Damages due to user misuse, abuse or modification 2) Damages due to improper user installation 3) Normal wear and tear 4) Acts of God and nature: storms, animals, trees, floods, high winds, etc. 5) Cosmetic appearance (chips, dings, dents, scratches) caused by normal use 6) Costs associated with shipping warranty parts or products 7) Damages resulting from interactions with non-Orion parts or products No additional warranty applies. Employees, dealers or other representative agents do not have authority to offer any warranty different from what is written in this document. Orion Hunting Products shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of consequential and incidental damages so this may not apply.