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Sweeney Feeders

Sweeney Feeders - Wildlife & Deer Scatter Feeder - 300lb Capacity - Complete Tripod Setup

Sweeney Feeders - Wildlife & Deer Scatter Feeder - 300lb Capacity - Complete Tripod Setup

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Sweeney automated Feeding system

Sweeney Feeders 300lb Capacity Scatter Deer Feeder - COMPLETE TRIPOD SETUP! 
Green Finish - Premium Timer Included


For over 50 years Sweeney has been manufacturing the top-quality feeders available in the market. Their exceptional resilience and dependability in outdoor settings are unmatched. Each of our wildlife feeders is furnished with highly precise digital timers, specifically designed for deer feedings to maximize efficiency and save costs. Deer protein feeders serve as an excellent means to guarantee that your deer receive the required nourishment.  

Get ready to say goodbye to the pesky squirrels and varmints with our Squirrel & Varmint Proof Deer Feeder! 

If you already own a wildlife feeder, you know that squirrels are the biggest enemy of corn. Raccoons may steal corn, but squirrels are the true troublemakers, devouring as much as possible and burying the rest for later. And let's not forget their tendency to chew on exposed wiring and damage the feeder's mechanisms.  This feeder is a must-have for any wildlife enthusiast or hunter who wants to keep their corn safe and secure from furry foes.

This Sweeney hog & varmint proof feeder is the ULTIMATE FEEDER PACKAGE! Made from high-quality stainless steel, it can withstand any weather conditions. The 300 lb. model also comes with a 12-volt solar charger (SX112), pre-wired solar panel port, heavy-gauge galvanized steel hopper, hanging bracket, tripod stand, premium feeder timer, and winch to adjust the height of the feeder. It's the ultimate feeder that will keep the deer coming but keep squirrels and varmints at bay.


The SFC300 comes with all the great features that make it a top choice for serious hunters and wildlife enthusiasts. The 300 lb. capacity hopper is made of heavy-gauge galvanized steel and features a built-in sight gage, so you can easily check on the feed level without opening the feeder. The lockable lid is hinged in the back for easy opening, while the steel legs provide a sturdy and stable base for the feeder.


The SFC300 comes equipped with the premium timer, DFT3REV8, which allows you to customize feeding times, durations, and amounts according to your needs. And with the 12V battery, BT1245, you can keep your feeder running for longer periods of time without needing to worry about frequent battery replacements.


One of the most popular new options for the SFC300 is the optional solar charger, the SX112, which allows you to power your feeder with clean, renewable energy and reduces the need for frequent battery replacements. With the pre-wired solar panel port, you can easily connect the charger to the feeder and start enjoying the benefits of solar power. Never worry about your battery loosing power again! 

In addition to the solar charger option, the SFC300 is now available in two finish options: Galvalume and Green. Choose the finish that best matches your hunting area and personal style to create a seamless and attractive look.

Overall, the Sweeney Feeders SFC300 is the ultimate game feeder for serious hunters and wildlife enthusiasts. With its durable construction, advanced features, and customizable options, it is sure to help you attract and feed more game and make your outdoor experiences more successful and enjoyable than ever before!

  • Solar Charger, SX112
  • Choice of finishes: Galvalume or Green
  • 300 lb. Capacity
  • Premium Timer (DFT3REV8)
  • 12 Volt Battery (BT1245)
  • Heavy-gage galvanized steel hopper
  • Built-in sight gage to check on feed level
  • Varnmit gaurd
  • Lockable Lid hinged in the back for easy opening
  • Pre-wired solar panel port
  • Steel legs
  • Tripod Stand (TP300)
  • Winch set to adjust height of feeder (WS300)
  • Varmint guard (VGS14)
  • Footset (FSTP)