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Sportsman's Condo

THE HOG SLAMMER - Saloon Style Hog Trap Doors by Sportsman's Condo

THE HOG SLAMMER - Saloon Style Hog Trap Doors by Sportsman's Condo

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THE HOG SLAMMER - The Original Saloon Style Hog Trap Doors by Sportsman's Condo

This trap design revolves around simplicity and effectiveness. The Hog Slammer boasts saloon-style doors that are adjustable, enticing hogs to enter the enclosure. A clever trigger rod keeps these doors open until the hogs tip over a bait-filled bucket within the pen. Once triggered, the doors snap shut, ensuring the captured hogs remain confined. Meanwhile, the doors remain accessible for other hogs outside the enclosure, luring them to join their trapped companions.

Uniquely, the ensnared hogs function as live bait, beckoning more hogs to gather within the enclosure. With a user-friendly setup process, the Hog Slammer showcases a robust construction of heavy-duty 14 gauge steel, bolstered by a durable paint finish.

Seize control with confidence using the Hog Slammer Hog Trap - the epitome of efficient hog population management.

Setting up the Hog Slammer Trap Gate is a breeze (assembly materials not included). Crafted from heavy-duty steel, it boasts a leaf green powder-coated finish, ensuring durability and camouflage in the environment. Highlights of the Hog Slammer Trap Gate: Dimensions: Outside Width: 37 1/4″, Height: 48″ Inside Opening Width: 33 3/8″, Height: 42″ Every purchase includes a complimentary bag of Evolved Habitat’s Hog Heaven attractant. Pro Tips for Effective Hog Slammer Pen Setup

  • Opt for a "tear drop" or "round" shape to guide hogs toward the trailer entrance.
  • Larger traps (20-30 feet in diameter) yield better results.
  • Conceal the trap with foliage or nearby trees.
  • Ensure no gaps at the fence bottom; panels should rest on the ground.
  • Place bait opposite the Hog Slammer entrance.


Effective Baiting and Trapping Techniques:

  • Implement scent control measures due to hogs' keen senses.
  • Pre-bait inside and outside with open gates.
  • Patience is key as hogs discover the trap and enter over time.
  • Sour the corn with diesel fuel, water, or beer to deter deer and raccoons.
  • Commercial attractants like Biologic’s Hog Addiction mixed with corn work well.
  • Utilize sow in heat scents by soaking a carpet-covered board inside the trap.
  • Regularly check the trap from a distance, especially during extreme heat.
  • Approach trapped hogs cautiously, dispatching from a safe distance, starting with the largest.
  • After a successful trapping, consider relocating the trap as it may take weeks for another group to enter.
  • Adherence to State and Federal Game Laws is essential when using the Hog Slammer.
  • Be cautious while setting the Hog Slammer gate due to spring tension, which could cause injury if hands or fingers become caught between the gate and frame


*Price includes free bag of BIG & J – PIGS-DIG-IT

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