Why are bucks in the same area at such different stages of antler growth?

One of the best ways to start getting the nutrients back into your herd is by putting in early season food
plots, using feedersor mineral sites with high quality blends of proteins and necessary vitamins and
minerals. If you don’t have the equipment or space to put in a plot, I recommend Ani-Logics Ani-
Supplement Gold
. When it comes to year-round whitetail nutrition that improves antler growth, body
condition and herd health, this is it. Supplement gold is packed with 16% protein, vitamins, probiotics,
essential oils and micro minerals. This formula was developed by veterinarians in response to EHD
infection on their property. Not only does this feed help grow big antlers but it puts healthier deer on
your ground! 

So while you may think that the corn or bean fields that are planted in the spring supply enough
nutrients to the deer that you will be chasing, think again. Most of these fields are completely wiped out
come end of season, leaving slim pickins as far as nutrients for your recovering bucks. So make sure
there is no lack of easily accessible food sources on your property all year round. Look at that recovery
period as being just as important as being in a tree stand during the rut. Put in a little extra effort during
these months and reap the benefits come season!

A few days after I received the text from my neighbor, the same buck from his picture showed up and
has been hanging around out back in my alfalfa field. Turns out, I can trust my neighbor after all!
So next time you're watching deer out back or checking cameras and you’re not seeing the big boys,
maybe it’s the nutrition, or maybe they just haven’t showed up yet!

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