Prioritizing Cold Fronts During Hunting Season

Prioritizing Cold Fronts

On one hand, your best chance to harvest a buck may be that first day of the season while the deer are still on their summer feeding patterns and the woods remains undisturbed. On the other hand, bow season is here and your “free time” is limited. It's the first day of the season and you’re scrambling trying to get your gear in order. With the fast pace of life, you’re able to make it to the tree a handful of times during the month of October and you’d considered that a win. With your days limited, why not wait for those close to perfect conditions? A cold snap after a stretch of warm weather could be the best chance to get close to your target buck!

A great resource for hunters as far as staying up to date on weather patterns and cold fronts is the “weather underground” app. This will allow you to make sure you know well in advance when a cold front is on its way. One of the main reasons deer movement increases during and after a cold front is because deer still have their winter coats when mid-October rolls around. Warm weather keeps deer from moving during the day when it’s hottest for them, which is why mornings are often best for early season bow hunting. Another reason is that colder weather requires additional calorie intake to sustain their body temperature, so deer will have to be on their feet during those brisk mornings in search of food. Logic tells us that on warm days it's better to hunt cover areas, closer to bedding and water sources. On cool days, hunt food sources, transition zones and scrape and rub lines.

So don’t stress about not getting out on the opener when it’s still 75 degrees out. Spend that free time dialing in the bow, getting stuff done around the house or spending time with family. But when that cold front rolls through, get aggressive, sit in that “honey hole” stand, make sure you are ready to go and get out in the woods to finally encounter that buck you’ve been dreaming of all summer!

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