The undisputed king of small bass boats! Let's break down the differences in the two most popular models.

The Undisputed King Of Small Fishing Boats

Whether you are looking for something to keep on your small pond for family and friends to use, or you’re looking for something that you can throw in the back of the pickup, deck it out to your liking and absolutely crush fish on your favorite lake, these two boat options are going to be perfect for either scenario. We are going to take a look at the similarities and differences when comparing the Bass Hunter 120 and the Bass Baby.


Both the 120 and the mini have a unique one-piece roto-molded design that makes them much stronger than the competitions. Other similar options are made from two pieces of vacuum formed materials, leaving room for leaks and taking away from the integrity and longevity of the boat. Both of these boats have 2 swivel seats, storage bag containers and drink holders. While we don’t offer any of the upgrades, the customizations that these boats offer are endless. From the different motor types to the Millennium mesh seats or your added rod holders, make sure you check out Youtube for all the tips and tricks when it comes to decking out your Bass Hunter!


With both boats engineered with the same roto molded design, they have more in common than not. The Bass Hunter 120 is the larger of the two, measuring 10ft long and 54in wide while the Bass Baby measures 8ft long and 51in wide. The Bass Baby also has a unique design with wheels built in to make it easy for one person to unload and be fishing in minutes! The other differences are listed below!

· 120 rated for up to a 3.5hp outboard/Baby rated for up to 2hp outboard

· 120 weight capacity is 550lbs/Baby weight capacity is 475lbs

So with Spring right around the corner, be sure to check out these awesome options on our website that’ll have you turning heads when you pull up to the boat launch and have you spending less time backing up the trailer and more time fishing! You don’t need a big shiny bass boat to catch fish, so why not save some money with one of these options! Or keep one the pond for everyone to use!

Whatever you choose, get ahold of your friends here at Outdoors For Less with any questions you have.  We’re always happy to help!

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